Friday, November 28, 2008

50% Off Sale At Mod Cloth! is having a 50% off sale. Shop the entire sale here, check out JUST SOME of ModCloth's adorbs half-off dresses, accessories and more, and use promo code BINGE10 for 10% off!

Check out the very vintage-y looking beaded buttons and belt. How could this dress NOT flatter everyone?

... My mind reels at the thought of that dress with these black and gold cone heels.

A billion awesome skinny jeans and skirt and tights possibilities!!!

And is there even been an instrument of science that can measure how cute these wee elephant earrings are!?!??!

LURVE this. It reminds me a bit of my favey Christopher Deane chain dress.

These could almost be the funnest with some black skinny jeans.

Fun in a slutty nurse sorta way!

Great everyday bag at an even greater price!

A few items from their regular sale:

($52.49, Melie Bianco,
Excellent late-70s-ness.

This is kinda the type of thing I imagine René Lacoste carried around, even though he was French.

Oooh! Cuters pandars!

Not on sale, but I can't resist.

Resist me not!
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