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FashionBinge is a women's fashion, shopping, and style blog born in 2006 of Tamar Anitai -- read my about.me to learn more... about me. I'm a managing editor and writer at a major entertainment network's website, a fashion and beauty writer, humorist (or so I've been told), and Person Who Relates To Cats.

My body was born in the Midwest, but my star was born in New York. A hi-low shopper with punk-prep sensibilities, I was the first in my school to wear Doc Martens (take THAT, assholes who made fun of me) and the second in Brooklyn to wear a vintage Mickey Mouse faux-leopard-print coat. I have room in her heart for Marni and Marshall’s, LOFT and Lanvin. I'm inspired by Annie Hall (who isn’t?), Marc Bolan glam, Laurel Canyon slouchiness, everything Alexis Bittar, all things Alexis Carrington, anything anyone wore on Dynasty, anything anyone wore on the Golden Girls, and much of what they wore on “Beverly Hills, 90210.

I live in Brooklyn with my husband, cat, and many pairs of shoes.

"FashionBinge is the most important fashion blog IN THE WORLD. Where does she discover these daily gems? Before I begin a typical day of shrewdness, I always read FashionBinge. When I die, print out the entire blog and bury me with it. And that's a DIRECT ORDER."
 -- Anna Wintour

For any PR, partnership or advertising queries, please email me.

** Disclosure: If I've received a product or garment for free, or if I've been compensated for a giveaway, I'll be the first to let you know. No one likes a shadester.

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Katherine Bordeaux said...

Found this Catsby shirt on RB, LOVE the design ! some other cool swag on there too.

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