Friday, June 23, 2006

Owl Up In Your Piece!

Y’owl (har), I can hardly believe how much adorbs owl stuff has been flying off shelves lately (tee hee!) For a while, as in like, last year, owls were sorrrrrrrrta getting big but they never got past their "cute little baby owl" stage. It was like they were facing fashion extinction. Now, full-grown, full-blown owls (on stuff) are reproducing like... rabbits, figuratively speaking. So, this totally proves my point that owls are the new black. Actually, they’re more like the new skulls, but “… is the new black” is always funny. At least most of the time.

Anyway, owls are ADORBS, especially when they’re not TOO ‘60s-ed-out. Because that’s just boring, all that hippie shit. You don't wanna look like Kevin Arnold's crusty (but hot) sister from "The Wonder Years," do you?


Anyway, the following are some owl-related pieces which, quite simply, j’adore! That’s not to say I’d wear all of them, but maybe you would, hm?


For less than the price of a Starbucks coconut banana thingie (okay, maybe the price of two, when you factor in shipping), run don’t walk… to a new browser window and pick up this adorbs owl sleepy tee from Target. It’s intended to wear to bed, but how presh would this look over your bathing suit? Or mine! Or, you can wear it out if you’re super daring. Or just slutty.

Next, how adorbs is this Forever 21 (or Forever 27, in my case) owl HOODIE! Perf for summer. Both MK and I UNKNOWINGLY picked up the same owl tank from the same place. Psychic cheap fashion twins 4evs!!


You'd be a damn fool not to order this adorable vintage owly skirt. And at THAT price? Oy! They're practically PAYING YOU to buy it!

This skirt is so cute I can barely process oyxgen. And it's reversible! That's like two skirts for the price of one!

For the Petite Sophisticate:
This Arden B. top is sorta momish, but maybe it's cuter in person, no?

Pricey Bits and Bobs!
If you’re the Nicole Ritchie sort and can afford to drop 145 bones (get it? bones!? Hee!) on a t-shirt, this Joystick - Dreamland piece is gorshwa:

And this Fresh Karma number is sugar sweet and expensive, but at least it comes with free shipping! AND a free hood!

This Fresh Henley is super sexy but also up there in the bills department, but SHHH! Here it is on ebay for PRACTICALLY PENNIES, mon frere!

Speaking of ebay and also of the fact that I'm a huge fan of owl jewelry (just like I heart most any tacky vintage jewelry), go to ebay and search for “owl” under jewelry, if you give a hoot. JUST LQQK at some of the goodies you’ll reel in on your virtual auction site fishing rod. SO many cheap, delish pieces -- couldn't you just DIE? Except, of course, for the garbage!

The Inevitable Urban Outfitters Link
And finally, back to reality where I actually can (well, usually) afford to shop (on sale) at Urban Outfitters (you had to know that was coming), and where they, of course, have a small selection of fairly cute owl shit.

How can you not LOVE this screenprinted pillow, even though those pillows ARE sorta last summer.

Ok. That's WAY more than enough owl objets for one post. Give a hoot, and rock something cute. Toodles, fashion friends!

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