Thursday, July 20, 2006

Stop the Presses, Tara Subkoff On Sale!

Holy shit, some of those Tara Subkoff for Easy Spirit shoes, which are so lovely but so frustratingly over my budget, and the budgets of all Easy Spirit shoppers, are on sale at shopbop! Get thee there! Check these deals:

"Toe ring" flats for $45, nice 'n' simple.

High-heel sandal with bow (in somewhat pukey color) for $72 (down from $240). Sorta dig 'em.

Ankle-tie sandal, also with bow (in less pukey green color, and also in tan) for $84 (down from $280). These are the most tempting, for me, of the sale selections.

Not on sale, infuriatingly:

The tall covered boot, which i will always heart, as long as they keep selling it. I guess it'll be $495 till I'm old and unabashedly gray (worst).

And of course none of these are not quite as cool as the Holice shoe, either, which has a more pleasing shape, droopier ties, and a hefty $280 price tag:

Isn't it pretty? More pretty shoes TK, as we say in the biz.


I'm Schnappi, The Little Crocodile said...

Oh, I totally <3 the covered boots too. I've had my eye on a pair forevs.

Tara is also the cover girl of this month's BUST magazine (The fall fashion special). I'd tell you if the article was good or not, but my attention span only allows me to flip through the pictures.

ms. spinach said...

that boot is so cool... [swoons].

if only i lived in a place where i could justify purchasing boots. however. looks like the sandals for me!

Sandal Showcase said...

Holy! i love those Holice sandals! Great sexy! I should feature them on my blog: Do you have any other suggestions of sandals that i should review?

Anonymous said...

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