Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Little (Too Much) About J Seacrest

I’m the NKOTB here at Fashion Binge. Since the ladies were lacking in their coverage of sartorial opportunities for the modern man, they graciously decided to allow me to throw my two cents in on occasion. But in keeping with the gender proportions of Bloomingdale’s SOHO, I’ll only be contributing about 1/6th of the content (give or take), and the quality will only be basement-level compared to MKH and TL’s consistently excellent posts.

Just so you know a little about me, my fashion icons (in no particular order) are Ralph Lauren, Beck, Max Fischer and Alan Flusser. I spend way more time going to and thinking about sample sales than any straight man should. And more than anything, I love a good fashion quest, which is why I’m constantly rifling through bins at Daffy’s or Googling things like “bib-front shirt.” Which reminds me: check out this site if you like really, really dope shit.

Thanks for listening. Carry on…

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