Sunday, September 03, 2006

Clearly a Don't!

Where to start...I understand that people want to wear backless tops and dresses, but there are just some things you can't wear unless you are a six-foot model with no breasts, and even then, you should probably forgo the cleavage-bearing styles. I, for one, absolutely must wear a bra, and so backless styles are forever out. This is sad, but not as sad as this misguided chick who thinks clear bra straps solve the problem. They absolutely do not. The bra does not become invisible. Therefore you can still see it; therefore it might as well be red. Ugh. This blows my mind. Don't do it, people!

1 comment:

bucktown weebie ain't goin' back to jail said...

I believe we can add the dudes horris bro-necklace and her ill-fitting panties, which you can tell are ill-fitting due to the extreme pantyline shes got going on. sexay!

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