Thursday, March 22, 2007

Which Gym Bag(s) Should I Get?

Having just joined a fancy new gym, I of course find myself in the market for a gym bag. Here's what I need: a cute, stylish bag large enough that I can stuff sneakers and workout clothes into it, along with my regular pursestuffs. I kind of hate doing that, but I think it beats walking around with two bags. I really can't stand the two-bag look, though lately I have done it anyway. So I want a big, sporty bag that won't make me feel retarded when I walk into work with it. Here's what I've been looking at, hits and misses included:

Tops on the list is the Puma Punch Grip bag, on sale at Sports Authority for $44.99. I viewed this bag (or a version of it) in the woefully understocked Puma store in Manhattan this weekend, and it fits the bill. It's also available on eBay in black, but for some reason i'm liking the blue. I'll probably get this, but....

There are also quite a few awesome Puma bags like this one available on eBay, with various enticing words like "vintage" attached, even though that is obviously false. Kinda love this red one. Nice 'n' affordable at around $30 with shipping from Asia.

I was also looking at duffel bags. The American Apparel duffel ($17) was tempting. I was thinking I could stencil to jazz it up a bit, cause I'm crafty like that. But it still seems just a bit overtly utilitarian-sporty. It positively glows in yellow, though.

This Target duffel ($12.99!) is a way more deserving duffel. Not sure it's big enough to work as a gym bag, but it's so silvery cool, and sporty but chic, in my humble Hopkinson opinion. Plus it'll match one of my spring jackets, whee!

For tucking inside your bag, this is pretty useful, if not exactly "cool": a little pouch to store your "moistened postworkout gym clothes." Uh, gross. But a good idea, I guess. $16.

Really, Puma is king of the sportos, but I felt I should take a look at some of the other big'uns. This Nike bag is okay, and looks to be the right size, but who knows because eBags doesn't bother giving the measurements. Not too smart, like most gym employees. They do manage to list the price though: $100. Pass.

I will probably end up with the blue Puma. It just feels right, ya know?

But before I go, the obligatory morts. If I see you with this I will beat you with a body bar. The heaviest (also blue!) one.

Nike Haute Shoe Print Club Bag, $80.
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