Thursday, April 12, 2007

Rain Boots, Part Deux

It's after 1 p.m., and my feet are still cold and wet from my morning (okay, late morning) commute. You see, in a rash fit of stuff-purging as I moved into my new apartment, I threw out the lovely hot pink rain boots I got from Holly for my birthday about three years ago. They served me well, but I wasn't really wearing them anymore, and so out they went. And the last two times it has rained, it's been nothing but suck. Note to self: neither ballet flats nor vintage slouchy boots keep feets dry. So I'm'a have to buy a new pair. Let's see what we have:

I am totally lifting my personal ban on J. Crew and speeding there after work to purchase these babies. J. Crew has a pretty good selection of wellies, and I hear they still have the penguins in at least the Soho store in Manhattan, but I'm really feeling these gray ones with the orange laces. They also come in dark red and yellow; $65.

Also dig these yellow ones with the whales. Also in dog. Also $65.

UPDATE: The midtown Manhattan location only has 10s and 11s of anything left; the Soho location does NOT have penguins, but does have cute olive ones with little anchors on them in a few normal sizes, including 7. But they're shiny, not matte. And they have the yellow whales in size 8, which are too big for my normally-size-8 feet. (Have my feet lost weight?) But they do not have the tie ones, and in fact the Madison Ave. salesgirl told me they hadn't carried them in stores since the summer, but I didn't believe her, hence the unnecessary trip to Soho. Internet to the rescue!

The Tretorn short furry boots are still available, but not in orange unless you're a bigfoot. Luckily Zappos is now featuring a new version, lined in stripey canvas, in three cute, springy colors. $54.95.

Finally we have a good cheap-ass option in Target's matte turquoise boots, $19.99. Maybe I'll get J. Crew's AND the Targ's!

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