Monday, May 28, 2007

Fantasy Shopping the eLuxury Sale

My friend Michelle alerted me to a new favorie Internetty pastime: fantasy shopping! In this fun game, you simply add to your cart all the items on a site you wish you could have. I tried it out at the eLuxury sale, but I think I need a little practice. I maintained a semi-frugal attitude and only added reasonably affordable things. My total was just $1,864. Here's what I racked up:

Montauk medium satchel, $139. Did Tamron blog this already? If so, she's convinced me. A nice clean-lined, classic-looking bag.

Marc by Marc Jacobs patent ribbon wedge ballerina shoe, $207. I'm normally anti-patent, but there's something soft-looking about the material, plus the delectable wackiness of the shoe itself...

Marc by Marc Jacobs wild rose-print dress, $199. This would look so cute on someone with, uh, good posture.

Juicy Couture embroidered canvas coat, $269.

Marc by Marc Jacobs pintuck sleeveless top, $95.

Edun Sage straight-leg jeans, $79.

Ella Moss Sabrina dress, $79. That front panel of nonruffled hem is a little strange. I don't quite get it. But I love that the braided belt is included. I just can never be bothered with belts.

Robert Rodriguez ruffled sheath dress, $179.

Ella Moss Newport flutter-sleeve dress, $62. I sure do seem to love Ella Moss!

Marc by Marc Jacobs stretch canvas crop pants, $105. Feel the breeze!

Bailey 44 side-twist tee, $59. More like this, please.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Quintana jersey dress, $149.

Ella Moss Garrett dress, $89. This would be purr-fect for a wedding. I may just pick it up for the next one on my calendar....

Diesel Wonnha 60D jeans, $154. These look so comfortable and effortlesslyl stylish. Down with skinnies!

And that's all she wrote, folks. Stay tuned for the next edition of...Fantasy Shopping! (said in game-show-host voice, of course...)

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