Monday, June 11, 2007

Cute Stuff du Jour

It has been decided, by me, that I need a pair of old-school Reebok hi-tops. Aerobics style. I'd prefer an all-over solid color, like red, orange or lime green, but they appear to be a bit tougher to find than I'd expected. Alas, here's what I would settle for:

($64, Reebok,
Delicious as a bowl of sherbet.

($59, Reebok, Amazon)
I'm enjoying the subtle splatter.

($64, Reebok, Amazon)
More pastel prettiness!

($64, Reebok, Amazon)
I think I tried on the Valentine Freestyle Hi-tops before once at Rivington Sneaker Club, when they were having a big sale. Seeing as how I'm over the age of six, I just couldn't justify wearing red sneakers with hearts all over them. But I still <3 'em.

($485, Posse New York,
A deliciously thirst-quenching color!

($118, T-Bags,
Yay for more mouth-watering brights!

($35, Lucca,
An adorable, affordable option.

Another lovely, affordable piece. By Etsy seller AllThingsPretty, who makes bold, bright, beautiful bags. Get 'em while they're hot, peeps!!


Laura said...


that's all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tamar, wow thankyou SO much for featuring my bag and link, so kind of you!
And it has sold so you have that midas touch, ha!
I'll enjoy reading the rest of your blog later too, thanks again
Debra x

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