Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Price-Slashing at Steve Madden

What are people's experience with Steve Madden? I have a pair of ballet flats from several years ago that are very comfy and my favorite ever, nice soft leather, etc. But I've tried on some Steve Madden shoes that were horrifyingly painful the second I put them on my feet, and have since stayed far, far away. So. But some of these shoes are quite nice...and very much on sale. Clearance, in fact. And amazingly, the prices are getting lower BY THE HOUR. Read on!

Love the shape, the color, the heel height -- indeed, everything -- about this shoe. Including the price! Which by the way was $60 more this morning when I started this post! How low can you go, Steve Madden? Steve Madden "Laidback" pump, $29.99 (down from $189.95!).

Funky! And is that navy piping I spy with my little eye? Steve Madden "Weekend" patent flats, $29.99, down from $209.95 (!!), and down even further from $69.95 when last I checked!

Cute and sophisticated: Steve Madden Twillo flat, $39.99.

Steve Madden "Business" flats, $39.99. Yes, you do need another pair of flats, especially if they're this cute.

Modest heel, cute color combo, slingback: can't miss, right? Steve Madden "Devyn" slingbacks, $39.99.

And here's a kicky Mary Jane in a fun color that I bet I'd wear the shit out of if I ever purchased it, which I probably won't: Steve Madden "Helgaa" pumps, $69.99.

Last, and frankly least (in more ways than one), some cheapy, casual flats: Steve Madden "Sayler" fabric flats, $19.99.

As always, your thoughts and advice appreciated, in los comments.


Anonymous said...

steve madden is cute/cheap, but also the ONLY brand of shoes i've had where three pairs broke (heels or strap)! and it's not like i'd even worn the shoes more than a few times, nor am i heavy or particularly hard on my shoes - i'm a ballet dancer!

Anonymous said...

Omigosh, I am so glad to know it's not just me. I agree, Steve Madden makes some kill-her shoes. I've bought some cute shoes thinking they just needed to be broken in...I even tried those shoe stretcher things which didn't help the least bit. They definitely are hit or miss in my book - if they pinch even just a bit, I pass and move into Franco Sartos or Nine West.

Alison said...

those yellow shoes are fantabulous!! steve madden is my shoe god <3

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