Friday, September 28, 2007

Tell Me About It, Stud: Cuffs, Bracelets & Bangles

I so wuv/ want these studded and jeweled bracelets:

($80, Hayden-Harnett)
Best of the bunch. It doesn't have that annoying air of "OMG! I ALSO OWN A BLACK RAMONES T-SHIRT BECAUSE I VERY MUCH WOULD LIKE TO LOOK 'PUNK'" sorta look that I SOOO hate.

Love the brown-and-gold '70s color combo.

An enjoyable Donatella Versace vibe (about the only time you'll see the words "enjoyable" and "Donatella" used alongside each other in such harmony.)

($198, CC Skye,
I'm still uncertain whether this sucks or not. I definitely like their slimmer cuffs much better. Thoughts? Comment it.

BTW, this is fucking terrible. As much as I love zeppolis, it looks like something you'd see for sale at the San Gennaro festival or something alongside those personalized airbrushed license plate covers or fiber optic light-up flashlight things. Horbs.


WendyB said...

Love the studs, don't love "I love you."

mags said...

Nuh uh. Cuff's too thick, studs' too big. Maybe if the studs were smaller..

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