Monday, December 17, 2007

Jewelry I Love and Want Right Now

I could devote an entire blog solely to my love of Alexis Bittar. Just a few more pieces I love, all from his Lucite line ...

($150, Alexis Bittar)
My Kryptonite. Gah! Shit's bringing me down! I'm powerless in its presence!

($150, Alexis Bittar)

($85, Alexis Bittar)
I'm not a huge fan of red, but these are so slim and smooth, that I'd so do it. (I WOULD!)

($110, Tarina Tarantino,
I'm not so much a fan of Tarina Tarantino anymore, but I'll make an exception for these. Very elegant, yet not too stuffy. By the way, here's a 20% off coupon for ShopLAStyle: cookie29891. (Looks like a one-time use thing, so someone hurry up and use it!)

($32, Llyon LA,
While I'm not into crosses, these are cute. And cheap!

(Apprx $1,199, Lulu Frost,
Would this be more than my apartment's monthly rent? Yes. Would this be the most beautiful thing in my apartment? Indeed.


Anonymous said...

They have tons of his semi-precious and a bunch of lucite on this new site I ran into. (I'm a huge fan too!)

Anonymous said...

I see that there is a sale on Ebay from the shop Kabiri beginning this week June 23rd 2008 including heaps of Alexis Bittar and other stellar designers. Check it out at

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