Friday, January 11, 2008

I Can Has Fugly S/S '08 Pantone-Themed Bag?

(Photo via Fashiontribes)
Earlier today we toldyallbout the extremely bland Pantone color palette forecast for S/S '08.

And LQQK! 'Lo and behold, we've found a boring bag that encompasses almost every boring color off the menu!

Easy now, ladies! One at a time!


Helen said...

Bleh, those colours look dulled down. So not appealing.

Lumberjill Lost said...

I kinda like those colors. Not the bag so much, but the colors are fine. Please don't hate me.

Lumberjill Lost said...

Ah. I almost asked in that last comment what is boring about aqua/turquoise, but now I'm glad I didnt since I've jus read the original post.

So I'm rescinding that comment because I totes agree about like the freesia and the snorkel (???...) blue.

Lumberjill Lost said...

*just. Sorry, it's been a long day.

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