Tuesday, January 29, 2008

What Are You Wearing? Me: Anna Sui

No, this isn't a phone-sex-related post. Instead, I was inspired by a post by Fashionista entitled "Do You Smell Your Age?" Not as "can you smell how old you are?" but as in "is your fragrance age-appropriate?" An important question.

Today I'm kickin' it fruity and floral in Anna Sui's Sui Love -- I'm a big fan of Anna's fragrances, and this was my most recent and third purchase (I succumbed to my love of packaging and got Dolly Girl a few months back for its sweet little French-looking pink lady head bottle, and I've worn her signature "Anna Sui" fragrance for nigh on a decade now.)

Anna's peeps refer to Sui Love as a fragrance that:

"evokes a melodic symphony of one heart to another. Bergamot and passion fruit with jasmine and white rose unfold the rapture of vanilla and ambrette seed to awaken the sensual and spellbinding climax of love's fragrance."

Um, well, I guess agree, yet I'm sorry to report that I didn't immediately erupt into a perfume-induced orgasm after a mere spritz. But the passion fruit and citrus are sweet yet surprisingly light (waaaaaay lighter than the musky "Anna Sui.") despite its moderate spice factor. And I know, it's sort of counterintuitive to wear a summery fragrance in the dead of winter, but that's kinda the point.

Oh yeah, and since we here at the 'Binge like to "keep our costs down," if you will (and I seriously will), I'm pleased to report that the largest size is under $50.00

Oh, but so speaking of age, the wise women of Makeupalley.com (I CANNOT recommend this site enough, by the way, both for the breadth of its reviews and because you can SWAP products, which is exactly how I got this fragrance and Dolly Girl. You know -- because I ain't rich, kay?) collectively pretty much agree that this is a teen-to-early twenties fragrance! Me, I'm in my late twenties. (VERY late twenties, specifically). Which means... i just got an average of, like seven years younger!

Anyway, I pose three questions:

1.) What fragrance are you wearing today?

2.) Approximately how old do you "smell"? (Hee!)

3.) Disregarding the first and more obvious answer of "Who cares?"... Do you think it's ok to wear "younger" fragrances, or is it shitty?



jpinoh said...

I have never considered whether I smell age-appropriate. I suppose the sickeningly sweet lotions don't appeal to me, as I don't prefer to smell like a cinnamon bun or a caramel apple.

I am wearing no fragrance today; I probably smell like I'm in my forties, though I'm in my early thirties. I think it's a'ight to go for fruity/floral/light-musk if it takes seven years off. Better than botox, right? Cheaper, anyway.

Lumberjill Lost said...

1. Vera Wang's Princess.
2. A very young twenty? Maybe younger? I feel it's age-appropriate.
3. Well, you stole my first answer so I'm going to say no, it's not okay. But seriously...Who cares?

Oregongirl82 said...

I don't really care whether my scent is age-appropriate or not either ... I just wear whatever fits my mood. But I must say that seeing this post about Sui Love made me want to try it ... so I ordered a sample and I'll be blogging about it myself soon :)

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