Friday, February 15, 2008


That, ladies, is the sound of losing on eBay. That was the sound I made last night, when I lost out on these awesome off-white flat over-the-knee (OTK, don'tcha know) vintage boots. I thought that making my first bid with one minute to go would be fine. Alas, I think 45 seconds is a better bet, as someone swooped in with just a few seconds to go. Boooo!!

Vintage leather riding boots, sold to some biotch for $86.

One day, I will have some off-white boots, dammit! My quest started with these Frye vintage "Sunny" boots, $199.99, but they don't have my size and $200 is still a teensy bit more than I want to pay:



Tamron Lohan said...

DUDE! Your max bid should've been $100!!!! i done TOL' you! Now you must SUFFER the e-consequences!

Anonymous said...

Man, you have to refresh like 10 times in the last minute just to make sure someone doesn't snake that shit. I lost a pair of flat brown boots because the bidding ended at 4am my time and some biatch swooped in on me.

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