Monday, February 11, 2008

Grammy Fashion Binge!

Hi 'Bingers! Both myself and MK were away, both at weddings (neither of which were ours, so reeeLAX!)

Anyway, a few Grammy abominations and atrocities:
(Photo: Us Magazine)

(Photo: FabSugar)
Carrie Underwood is a gorgeous girl, but she looks soooo Stepford. Someone PLEASE condition her hair! Please! It's aging her. And this Zuhair Murad dress is gorgeous, but IMO, it just takes the floral fad WAY too far.

Much better interpretation of florals. Love Fergie's floral maxi dress. (Anyone know who did it?)

(Photo: Fabsugar)
Speaking of hair don'ts -- Oy. Beyonce, girl. Fix. Your. Hair. This ice capades gown created some total weird-ass boob dysmorphia, and the hair looked SO frazzled.

(Photo: Bellasugar)
It's wacker than hell, but I think it's actually fun and youthful. Way better than Beyonce's pageant hair. And speaking of pageants...

(Photo: Fabsugar)
In her Sandy Spika silk gown, Taylor Swift channels Miss Teen Panhandle '94! Snooooooooooooooooooooooooooozola.

(Photo: Popsugar)
I expected more from Rihanna. Don't get me wrong, she almost always looks like a living doll, but in this blue Zac Posen piece? I dunno, dawg. Ques que ce "phoned in"?

(Photo: Popsugar)
Chris Brown matched the carpet and the nearest ice cream truck. WTF? He also inadvertently matched Miley Cyrus:

This girl freaks me out for many reasons, and this dress is no exception. (Another one being that her face is too big for her head).

Okay, bye!


christine said...

omg...face too big for I will never be able to see her without thinking that! it's so wrong but SO TRUE

Claudia said...

that miley picture is not the dress she walked down the red carpet in. She wore a white glittery thing.

ambika said...

I was kind of digginb Beyonce's hair if only because it was a realistic length and didn't look like she'd scalped 8 hourses to get her mane.

Otherwise, yeah, total fashion fouls left and right.

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