Saturday, February 23, 2008

Post-Fashion Week Weekend Round-Up

Taking a cue from other most fabbers floggers like Trendinista and Threadtrend (seriously, if you're not familiar with them, stop doing whatever it is you're doing to waste your life and get on this train!), here's a round-up of stuff you indulge in, 'Bingers:

+ Trendinista is tangled up in the blue of Fall 2008 and considers a Smurfier world, then brilliantly outs London Fashion Week's secret French Victorian past.
+ Threadtrend doses on orange (both orange and Threadtrend = FB faves!) and Prada at Milan Fashion Week.
+ Catwalk Queen doses on Carine Roitfeld's love of pilly pill pills!
+ A Cup of Jo's Joanna Goddard has a breathtaking aesthetic, a classy-sounding last name, and wrote a great piece in NY Mag on monochromatic dressers.
+ Schmashion breaks self-imposed sanctions against to confirm that these subdued floral-print garden party dresses (like the one above) are in fact Roberto Cavalli and not an unslutty imposter.

... And finally...

+ JC Report has London Fashion Week highlights, including Danielle Scutt. This yellow and purple Erdem dress simultaneously gives me the vapors and the chills = the chapers!


Anonymous said...

chapers = amazing new word. Love it.

Joanna Goddard said...

thank you for the link love! :)

have a great weekend.

WendyB said...

BWAH! "Chapers"! Fabulous.

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