Friday, March 28, 2008

More Evidence BK Target is GHETTO SQUARED

So I was trying on a few things in the Brooklyn Target just now, and I have to tell you what transpired. I was bringing in this item:

Xhilaration tie-dye bikini, $30, and the very nice Jamaican lady attendant told me that there had been "a problem" and I was not allowed to try on the bottoms. Shady, huh? So I tried on my stuff, and the bikini was great, by the way. On the way out I asked the lady if it was at all Targets or just this one that you couldn't try on bathing-suit bottoms, and she said just this one, and repeated the ominous phrase "there was a problem." I asked if someone had bled on them. She nodded sadly, and then there was a whole "aren't people disgusting" exchange. And then she added that it had happened more than once. WTF people? Who is so hard up for emergency swimwear that they have to do this? Gross. Just gross.

Anyway, here's what I "purchased" (that Christmas gift card was burning a hole in my wallet) in addition to the bikini:

Skinny patent-leather belt, $9.99 in store. Apparently I'm in a skinny belt mood these days, despite the fact that I'm not really a belt person at all.

Mossimo printed hoodie, $19.99. So cute.

Thanks Mom!

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WendyB said...

Well, that bikini story literally makes me want to vom!

jealoushe said...

I own that Mossimo printed hoodie! The quality's crap, but for $20 the print is gorgeous. Definitely worth it.

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