Thursday, April 17, 2008

Being Heidi Montag

The fantastically funny Fug Girls squeezed themselves, regrettably, into Hills star Heidi Montag's new line, Heidiwood. Better them than us, I say. But better yet, better no one, as the F.G.s discovered. Hills-larity, of course, ensued.

My fave part:
"One of us wore black short-shorts with a one-inch inseam (half a thumb, for real) and a zebra-striped tank with a faux-chiffon back bow; the other, a white-denim, butt-cleavage-b
aring skirt with a backless teal top that's baggy in the bust and tight at the gut — perfect if you haven't eaten pasta in ten years and have ginormous implants (sound familiar?). The stuff was the complete opposite of flattering. We looked like rejects from Rock of Love II with Bret Michaels; stick us on the hood of a car and Whitesnake would've appeared, guitars in hand."

Read it and weep at The Cut.


Robo said...

Oh man, I got this thing in the mail from Anchor Blue, I guess, with Heidi on the cover. Mildly intrigued, I flipped through it. Not one of the pieces is new and innovative, and it just looks like Heidi needed something to do and some boobtacular clothes to wear. No one with real boobs her size could wear her shit. For realz. At least Lauren took some design classes and Whitney has taste, which lends them more credibility toward developing a clothing line.

Batshit Glam said...

Heidi really does look like she comes from the hills, if you know what I mean.

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