Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A Few Spring Picks

Who else has shopping fever? Here are a few of the spring purchases I'm considering/making

Calling all small-torsoed ladies! This French picnic skirt by Etsy seller ktjean, $66, is perfect for you. A fantastic price for a unique, gorgeous custom-made skirt. Maybe if I forgo dinner for a few weeks or have a rib removed, I can wear this to a spring bridal shower.

I'd wear it with these Report "Hali" flowered wedges, $73. So sweet.

This one's showing up in a bunch of magazines, so better order now. I know I am: Isaac Mizrahi for Target 4-Poster bag in yellow, $29.99. Apparently yellow is THE color for spring.

Angie & Lola satchel in bone, $34.99. I don't even care that this is PVC, it just looks so cool.

One of the categories I want to stock up on for spring on is little jackets. I picked up a couple recently at Forever 21. Observe:

Polkadot, $24. This may have been a mistake. Thoughts? Should I take advantage of Forevs' liberal return policy?

Mustard, $29.80, pronounced "very Marc Jacobs" by a shopping companion.

I also got these floral clip-on earrings, $4.80, also available in white, because regular earrings hurt my ears. I'm thinking of purchasing a huge lot of clip-on earrings off of eBay as a result. But will they be too Grandma-like? Hmmm....


jozette said...

Ok, first. Love those flower earrings. Definitely not grandma, unless you're like 80 and wearing them. Although, the polka dot jacket I'm not so crazy about. (Like, who cares what I think? But you asked...)I'd return it and stick with that mustard one which I luv!

Prettylittlemess said...

I hope you are being facetious about Forever 21's return policy. It's always within 14 days and for store credit only where I shop.

If I buy something there, I consider it mine until I either take it to Goodwill or it falls apart. But I have only owned about 5 things from F21 in my lifetime.

Mary-Kate Hopkinson said...

Yeah, I was being facetious. I like how they're always like "are you aware of our return policy?" and I'm always like "I am aware it sucks, yes, thank you."

Bridal Shower said...

Excellent post!!lovely flower earrings...Thanks a lot buddy for sharing with us..

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