Thursday, April 03, 2008

Soundgirl Sample Sale: Score!

Yesterday I trekked over and down (the annoying city-grid version of a rook move in chess) to the Soundgirl sample sale and positively cleaned up! It's definitely worth stopping by if you like their cute, ruffly, girly aesthetic. Here's a look at my loot:

Turquoise hooded trenchcoat, $45 at sale; $119.99 at Modcloth. This is EXACTLY what I wanted for spring. So fun!

Of course, I had to get a couple of hoodies, since Soundgirl makes the absolute cutest hoodies known to man. (Credit TLo with introducing me to this fact.) At $15 apiece, I could have bought more than two, but these were the two with the absolute highest level of cuteness:

"Breakin" hoodie in taboo red, $62 on the Giant Peach.

"Sweet Meadow" hoodie, $66 on Karmaloop.

Jackets were $30 each, so I hemmed and hawed and finally decided on this, in black:

"Simone" jacket, $88 on Karmaloop.

Finally, I got this LPD (little print dress) for just $20. It's $99 elsewhere on the web.

So, final tally is: A trenchcoat, a jacket, two hoodies and a dress (plus a free tote bag!) for just $125. Not too shabby, eh? Recommended if you're in the city!


Tamron Lohan said...

wait - since when do you know chess??

Fashion Ivy said...

Of course I linked u back

Poster Girl said...

Looks like you cleaned up! I like Soundgirl's hoodies and dresses, they always have cute details.

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