Tuesday, June 17, 2008

American Apparel Now Selling Vibrators!

I know. That's as redundant as like "Amy Winehouse Does More Drugs" or something. (Wait... what?) I can almost appreciate that American Apparel is inching ever closer to becoming a full-fledged adult superstore now that they're selling "magic wands."

You know! For working those kinks of out your neck. Or out of your vagina. During your next American Apparel board meeting, where I'm sure Dov Charney suggested (and by suggested, I mean "lightly forced") his female staff to test out the vibes in front of him while he watched, and by watched, I mean "jerked off while not wearing any pants." Which, at AA HQ, is probably also known as "Tuesday."

Still, none of this explains why they sell Sharpies.


Sal said...

Damn. That verges on the frightening. Maybe the loons over at AA are hoping to pull an Amazon: start with just one type of product, gradually add more and more until, voila! THE ENTIRE WORLD is for sale on your site.

You can now buy non-military armored vehicles and 10-lb bags of nacho cheese on Amazon.com. I shit you not.

Fabulista said...

I'm DYING laughing. Tuesday. You kill me, Tamron.

trend de la creme said...

And I actually thought Dov Charney couldn't be any more of a perv. (Next they'll be selling duct tape and ice cream trucks.) We are all going to hell ;P

Anonymous said...

"For working kinks out of your neck. Or your vagina"

XD That made me laugh so hard hahaha

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