Monday, June 02, 2008

Cuteness Revisited: '80s Graphic Prints and Splatters!

While still dreaming of the pieces I dug up on the wings of Nicole Ritchie's Chanel-print airplane dress, I discovered this:

($185, Julie Brown,
Though do yourself a favorite, and put something on underneath.

And pair them with...
($49, Tarina Tarntino,

($115.50, Ash,
These heels are the heat.


Fashion Jesus said...

LOVE IT!! You called it with the shirt, my dear.

Kristoff said...

Am I not inside your radar? Are you mad with me? Did I snub you? My designs is Le Singe Mort now and you believe it will change everything. Please my collection, my revolution, my orinary thing turns extraorinary by simple addition of ... dead monkey.

Look on the google for "Le Singe Mort" .. you will find fabulousness in there.


kyutie said...

hi! wow.. i love the tarina tarantino. collections.. its just too pretty... is it the gothic lolita collection?

take care,

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