Monday, June 30, 2008

Monday Must-Reads

A bunch of blogs you should read today if, like me, you're having a hard time motivating to do much else besides glance at open browser windows:

+ Fashion Architect: The 'Binge's Greek twin? Architecture student with a similar high-low aesthetic and schizo posting style to the 'Binge's. Love the post on hording!!

+ Super Kawaii Mama: Possibly the coolest mom on the planet. A Melbourne blogger, crafter and mom with the most amazing '40s hair ever. I look at her photos, and I want to fly to Oz and start a close-harmony group with her, a la the excellent Puppini Sisters. Check out her photos from the National Gallery of Victoria's Art Deco 1910 -1939 exhibition.

+ Unrealized Fish: I feel a little To Catch a Predator posting this one, because this Norwegian blogger is only 16, but I can't get over her punky-sweet style. Could she be the next Suzy Bubble? Also, she blogs in both Norwegian and English and often discusses pasta. She's like my long-lost little sister!

+ NY Post's PopWrap: I actually like Leona Lewis' cray-cray garden dress. Betsey Johnson maybe?

+ Fashion Toast: More of a look book. San Fran blogger Rumi Neely runs eBay store Treasure Chest Vintage and has style (and legs) for miles. Totally livin' the dream.

1 comment:

Super Kawaii Mama said...

Ah Tamron, look me up for some close harmony Karaoke when you get here.

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