Sunday, August 31, 2008

Calvin Klein's Secret Obsession: Not So Secret, Actually When You Spray It Like Ten Times In A Row. Oops.

The friendly folks in charge of Calvin Klein's fragrance PR sent me over an advance of the new Secret Obsession fragrance -- the one Eva Mendes went nudie for and then the pilgrims over at FCC Puritan HQ got all Victorian on us and banned that commercial, probs because it reminded them of the sex they weren't having.

Anyway, Secret Obsession is STRONG, people. Because a lot of the fragrances I prefer tend to be sorta weak, I tend to spritz more than a few times. Bad idea. I nearly suffocated myself and my houseguests after I sprayed this one like six or seven times. This is a seriously musky, mysterious (hence "SECRET") fragrance, so be forewarned: just a dab'll do ya, kay?

It evokes a very glam, old Hollywood, sorta Cheetah Club, late-1950's feeling (I've been watching a ton of Mad Men -- think Christina Hendricks as Joan Holloway). Very musky and erotic, with very strong notes of orange, jasmine and mucho tuberose, very seductive, nighttime fragrance. Don't wear this to high holiday services, okay, or else you'll have lots more repenting to do.

Check out Mimi Mimi Frou Frou's highly sophisticado review of the fragrance.

It's available in 1 oz, 1.7 oz and 3.4 oz sizes, and honestly, I'd probably recommend the smallest size because a little goes a LONG way here, ladies.


Robo said...

How does it compare to Euphoria? I loved Truth and Truth Lush, but was sorely disappointed by Euphoria's weird fruity combination with the spicy notes. Thanks!

Sal said...

Anything that makes me seem more like Joan is something I must have.

Grayburn said...

Calvin Klein fragrances do tend to be quite strong but this one sounds like the thing for fall. Eva looks gorgeous whether clothed or not. The perfect spokesperson for this fragrance I think.

x Grayburn

ambika said...

All of these Mad Men references are really starting to make me feel like I'm missing something.

& yes, Calvin's scents are 2 time squirters. For reals.

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