Saturday, August 30, 2008

Extricating Dudes From T-Shirt Hell

Not too long ago, while on the train, I had the extreme misfortune of seeing a guy (obviously) wearing this t-shirt:

Yes, that says "thousands of my potential children died on your daughter's face last night." Now I have a feeling that the type of guy who'd actually wear a shirt like that is NOT the type of guy who really sees much action at all. But still. Guys, that's not cool. And I even LIKE potty humor. But that's just bad. And grammatically incorrect -- it doesn't even end with any punctuation!

Anyway, here are some men's t-shirts that express much better taste and don't offend or involve sperm.

($17.95, Fuzzy Ink)
Love this guy. He's the sheriff of 'stache town, and with coupon code "Stache," you get 10% off. I got this shirt, designed by Craig Watkins, for my boyfriend and he wears it on the regs.

($26, Alphanumeric,
Gas prices = le suck.

($30, Jay McCarroll)
Designed by the inimitable Jay McCarroll, and $5 go to Alex's Lemonade Stand, which raises funds to fight childhood cancer. (Shirts available in women's sizes too, y'all!)

($35, Wonderful Design, 2K By Gingham)
2K By Gingham, a Japanese company, aggregates lots of sick designers and sells their t-shirts in both men's and women's sizes. Sorta like Threadless. Love the funny bear above (hee -- he's got pwivate parts!) and two below:

($35, James Joyce, 2K By Gingham)
For the armchair DJ.

($48, Davis, 2K By Gingham)
Comfy-cute soft for dudes.


Save it for your iVillage blog, Lemon said...

Jay McCarroll: Not a graphic designer.

Sorry, yo. Good cause, tho.

Black Market Baby said...

See also: the 'Tangible Goods' @

joshua said...

I wear that t-shirt hell shirt and get laid all the time.

Sal said...

Good lord. I choked a little at that first, awful shirt. Your picks are perfetto, though, as always. I'd totally date a guy wearing any of them. I mean, if I wasn't happily married and all.

Tamron Lohan said...

joshua: you get laid wearing that jay mccarroll lemonade shirt? that's ADORABLE!

Syncopation said...

Agreed, vulger shirts are very un-hot. But the ones you picked, however...thumbs up.

Sophie said...

I'm sad I didn't buy this chicken-goes-to-heaven t-shirt in Tokyo!

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