Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hayden-Harnett $500 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

I will be completely honest here. I want ME to win this. Not YOU. ME ME ME! But if I don't win, I really want you to, 'kay? And if you do win, I'll totally look at you with one of those fake Miss America "I'm so happy for you but so not really!" smiles.

So enter to win the Hayden-Harnett $500 gift certificate giveaway. Yes, you have to opt-in to receive their emails and catalog, but it's well worth it if you win this bag, no? And even MORE worth it if I win!


Sal said...

It's big of you to share this precious info, Tamron. And if I win, I promise not to rub it in. At least, not for more than a week or two.

Tamron Lohan said...

THANK you for recognizing that, sal!

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