Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hayden-Harnett Sale + Target Collabo, Bathing Suits and More!

First of awl, Hayden-Harnett is having a major-rager of a sale.

(Originally $161, now $64)
Absolutely delovely. Want abounds.

(Originally $190, now $47.50)
Sublimely sweet.

(Originally $170, now $68)
I got this in turquoise. It's the softer, most butteriest leather evah.

(Originally $210, now $52)
Again with my peacock fascination. It never ends.

(Originally $315, now $63)
I usually can't deal with velveteen, but for $63, I can handle a little Dr. Zhivago.

Okay, so Hayden-Harnett's also branched out into cute (obvs) swimwear
and there are also rumors floating around that they might do a collabo with Target and/or open a shop in Grand Central, which would give us all a reason to actually bite the bullet and go there.


Sal said...

You're a BAD INFLUENCE. And I think I need that wallet, too.

Anonymous said...

i just ordered it!

The Jet Set Girls said...

Those bags are a steal! Thanks for letting us in on it.

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