Thursday, September 25, 2008

Quickie Jewelry Binge: Patricia Field For HSN (Seriously), All The Way Up to Vivre!

Jewelry I really really want, in order of expensieness!

OK, this I already own, but this and a handful of other Alex + Chloe pieces are now on sale. So you can own 'em! For less!

($39.95, Patricia Field for HSN)
It's probably for the best that the black version of this is sold out, because I'd have definitely bought it, and the last thing I need is more costume jewelry. And seriously, I would've bought it. It's glass and it's gorgeous. And seriously, I LOVE Patricia Field's HSN collection!

($39.95, Patricia Field for HSN)
Combining my love of pyramid studs with my love for orange things!

($48.75, Kiel Mead,
The reminder ringer = simple, refined, elegant, AND practical! AND crafty-cool sewing blogger Shira (aka In the Sky & On the Road) has one too!

($650, Patricia von Musulin,
Hand-carved Lucite. Dying...


Sara Millionaire said...

I guess I'm going to have to check out Pat Field's stuff for HSN!

Sophia said...

Pretty gorgeous stuff!! Love this Patricia Field for HSN collection...

johnwright said...

Oh! Wow!! Useful information!! Coupons services are really nice!!

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