Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Quickie 'Mad Men' Purchases From Target!

I popped into Targz when I was home the other week (and by the way, I must say, the Hilltop Virginia Beach Target was spifftacular to begin with, but with its recent facelift, it's even nicer!), and I picked up a few items to hopefully make my outfy more formal-looking when I attend a wedding this Sunday (at Steiner Studios!), which I just found out is formal. EEk!

Firstly, I'm wearing this Christopher Deane dress:
($163, Christopher Deane, Revolveclothing.com)
The dress is much more fanco-lookin' in person -- silky and pretty pretty. But I still fear it's not necessarily formal attire, you know? So, these are the Target items I hope to fance it up a bit with. They sorta Mad Men-inspired (Mad Men being my second biggest style obsession next to peacocks!), but hopefully not TOO costumey.

Impulse buy of the CENTURY, but it's certainly beautiful and certainly worth the price. From the VERY same Anya Hindmarch line that MkHo DISPARAGED!

($44.99, Mossimo, Target)
Usually I DON'T advocate the tenty swing jacket for myself at least, but this one has a cute little cinched waist, and it's a nice heavy wool, for in case it's Arctic out, like it is tonight.

($21.99, Target)
These are far daintier and cuter in person.

ALSO, I've got an appointment to get mah hairs all did up nice by Matthew James at Sam Brocato Salon (formerly Oscar Bond) in Soho. The doll-faced Amber at Beauty Blogging Junkie has gushed like a volcano over this man, so I can't wait to see what he achieves with my hair.

Hopefully the whole look isn't too costumey -- the jacket and gloves are just for transporational purposes. It's just mainly going to be the dress, the bag, and the fun hair. Not like I'm gonna roll in smoking a cigarette from a long holder, and wearing a pill box hat, waving like Jackie O... OR WILL I?

Anyway, thoughts, pleaze? Is the outfit formal enough for a black tie-optional wedding?


karen said...

I think you're going to look adorbs! Looking forward to cutting a rug with you and your fella on the dance floor this Sunday.

Poster Girl said...

I bought the same bag and I'm so happy with it!

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