Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tuesday Need: She-Bible Scarf/ Hoodie Top + Free People Jeans!

HAI guyze! Back from cruisin' for a bruisin'! Highlights: family time. Lowlights: family time! JK! (sometimes). More highlights: drinking!

Anyway, missed you SO so, so much to brog about!

But first, let's jump RIGHT into stuff I WANT!

($95, She-Bible, Bonadrag.com)
I LOVE me a dramatic neck AND a top with a banded bottom. And not-too-wide stripes to create a dizzingly slenderizing-ifying effect? YAY!

How cute would this look under a little slim denim jacket or black cropped jacket with some black skinny jeans or even some black wide-legged jeans or your new favey dark jeans? Like so?
($68, Free People, JBAndMe.com)
Perfecto at an even more perfecto price, no?

OKai, more soon, I swearsit!

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