Monday, November 10, 2008

Boot Binge: Modern Vintage, 80/20 & Ayla

It's a Monday evening boot binge, everybunnies! Three brands for you -- 80%20, Modern Vintage, and the amazing Ayla!

($450, Modern Vintage, Piperlime)
It's probably for the best that these don't come in my size. I LOVE the screw detailing! Are screws the new pyramid studs??? Also, i still DREAM of these Modern Vintage heels.

($230, 80%20, Karmaloop)
Kind of like how the more I look at my cat, the more completely perfect he becomes, the more I look at 80%20's Justine boots, the more awe-inspiring they are. One-inch heel, crinkled black leather with tan panels in an Art Deco-y design. AND a wide opening at the calf!?!? I gots the vapors! Oh, and apparently promo code FREE25 gets you free shipping, and that ain't nothin'! And again too also, the Justine boots come in Smoke too:

($199, Ayla,
LASTLY but MOST importantly, you simply MUST get your legs on some Ayla boots. I own the Tokyo style seen above -- the photo does NOT do them justice -- and they're phenomworthy. They're custom made to fit YOUR size, which means no cramming/ stuffing/ shoving/ shoehorning your normal-woman-sized legs into boots the width of pencils. Seriously, Mary-Kate recently had to return a pair of boots because they were too slim and SHE HERSELF IS SLIM! I don't get it. Now I'm not such a big girl, but I do got me some soccer player calves (minus the soccer and the playing), and too often I've practically busted a YKK trying to get some tall boots zipped up. Not so with these radicational Ayla boots:

You just send in your measurements and you get a ridiculously lush, luxe pair of leather boots TO FIT YOUR OWN PERSONAL SITUATION, for under $200! AND they come with spare instep liners to pad them out (I ordered a 9, even though I'm an 8 -- they fit perfectly.) Anyway the Tokyo style, pictured above, come up to just a few inches below my knee, and they ACTUALLY zip up with skinny jeans. Not lying. And again, not lying -- THEY'RE under $200. If you're not so into the criss-cross straps (too Mad Max for you?), check out the Milano -- they remind me of Coach or Cole Haan riding boots:

($189, Ayla,
Oh, and has free shipping. It's like they're practically BUYING THEM FOR YOU! (And no, I don't work for Shoe-Store OR Ayla. I'm just THAT in hearts with these boots, which are totally comfy by the way.)

($189, Ayla,
I can't even deal with how gorgeous the Manhattan boots are! It's like they WALKED out of the early '70s!

($134, Ayla,
Um, hi. These are like Frye at like one-third of the price. Now THAT'S what I call recession busting!


Lauren said...

you are my HERO! H-E-R-O! I have soccer player calves too and have been buying ugly boots from plus size stores that are made of fake leather. I am buying like four pairs from Ayla now, thank you thank you thank you for the link to such a wonderful site!

Tamron Lohan said...

Ha! Yay! I'm not joking -- I'd say they're too good to be true, but I have the Tokyo ones, and they're the real deal!!!

elanatheone said...

awesome picks.... AWESOME

Grayburn said...

I want the first creamy pair! Boots are great for where I live since it rains and is cold most of the time.

x Grayburn

Anonymous said...

"Athletic" calves rejoice! I cannot thank you enough for this. I, too, am tired of plus sized ugly fake leather boots.

ambika said...

Ooo, off to check these out. Especially with my non-soccer playing soccer calves.

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