Monday, November 10, 2008

I Love Sumbody! Citrus Splash Sugar Scrub That Is!

Usually I'm a wee bit skeptical of body scrubs because they clog my drain like nobody's damn biz, but I have SEEN THE LIGHT, y'all!

Sumbody's Citrus Splash Sugar Scrub has the fine consistency of soft, wet sand -- not hugely grainy or too-sharp and painful (HATE that!) or just BEGGING for me to me to go buy three more bottles of Liquid Plumbr. And it smells fruity and delicious -- like something I want to blend with a a few ice cubes and a heavyhanded pour of rum and chug until I pass out. But I digress. It leaves my skin completely moisturized, which I defs need this scaly, sad-for-skin time of year.


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