Monday, November 24, 2008

Jog Into December In Some Snowjoggers

Winter is the most huzzah-worthy time of the year, IMO. I LOVE cold weather, I LOVE bundling up, and I LOVE anything that reminds me of growing up in the snowy arctic freeze that was winter in Cleveland, Ohio. Like, why don't they make Freaky Freezies in adult sizes, hm?

Anyway, I LURVE Snowjoggers winter boots because they're basically where a kid can be a kid... or whatever. Except they're for gwon-ups, but they come in bright, fun colors, and they're like moonboots but not as ridiculous.

I have a pair of the Sno-Coney blue, yellow, and red ones, which are like straight out of a Rainbow Brite Christmas special...

But I LOVE the new buffalo plaid ones from Fred Flare:
($88, Snowjoggers, Fred Flare)

... Or, check 'em in green and black from Karmaloop:
($80, Snowjoggers, Karmaloop)

+ Check out more Snowjoggers here.

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