Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Shop At Milk Sale!

Good binges come in threes -- three sale wants from West Hollywood boutique Milk, which, thank Jeezy, has an online store too!

($138, Christian Joy, Shopatmilk.com)
Like Kandinsky does Matisse.

($136, Mike & Chris, Shopatmilk.com)
No, it's not leather, but yes, it IS Mike & Chris. Also, I PRAY there's no truth to the rumor that Mike & Chris is going under! Please, God, no! Wait... OH SHIT! Despite previous protestations by the company, it looks like Mike & Chris HAS been sold! BOO!

($167, No 6, Shopatmilk.com)
I'm not a fan of regular clogs, but leather clog boots I might be able to get down with...
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