Friday, November 07, 2008

Wilkommen Back, MCM Bags!

Anyone remember MCM (Mode Creation Munich) bags from back in les '80s? They were cute in an preppy, equestrian way, and then they kinda fell off for a little while. Well they're back like Backstreet in several diverse iterations, ranging from bright neons, whites, and animal skins to pieces that look like a Birkin's third cousin to some studded and bejeweled pieces and of course leather travel bags too.

Observies three of my faves:

Available at les fine department stores like Bloomingdale's and the whatnots and won't yous and so forths. But for the vintage scores, check eBay or your local thrifty, if you're so inclined. I mean seriously, LQQK:

($74, MCM, eBay)
I truly wish I could've been invited to the awesome swingers parties the original owners of these racket covers probably threw.

($280, MCM ,eBay)

1 comment:

elanatheone said...

WHOO! HOT finds! -ebay fashion addict

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