Monday, December 15, 2008

Get Free Shipping With A $50 Purchase At Alternative

Note, I did NOT say AMERICAN Apparel. Because Alternative is not parny AMERICAN Apparel. Alternative sells solid tees that look great layered on or their own, and they don't push porn or refer to their hiring sessions for their stores as "castings." Plus, Alternative's tees and bottoms fit better and don't make you feel sordid or like you just witness soft-core porn when purchasing a burn-out tee.

Anyway, get free shipping with any Alternative purchase of at least $50. My recs:
($38, Alternative)
Alternative's eco-heather pants son parfait for sleepytime, workin' out, or hangin' out.

($38, Alternative)
True, $38 is a little steep for a tee, but Alternative's burnout V-necks come in a billion colors, they're soft as a kitten's ear and are a favorable, not-too-short length. And they're so perfectly stylish that they're like practically an affordable style statement in and of themselves. Take THAT, $72 LNA tees!

($72, LNA,
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