Friday, December 12, 2008

SCREW YOU, American Economy! I Really Wanna Buy This Kitten Shirt!

Grr. Stooopit me and my quasi-frugal only-spending-on-what's-really-necessary ways. I mean, not ONLY do I want that teddy bear tee, but I also REALLY want this freaking kitten t-shirt from ModCloth:
($34.99, PepaLoves,
I have a roof over my head, food, a bed, and many other luxuries (like a bed). So you know. No need to call the Waaaambulance when there are even bigger problems in this world than our economy basically collapsing. I mean HELLO! Whitney Port FELL!

Speaking of Pepa Loves, LOOOOOK (would you?) at their BURGER COIN PURSE!!
(Apprx $16 USD, Lazy Oaf, Pepa Loves)

Also, speaking of ModCloth -- my black and gold cone heels from ModCloth arrived, and they're even more wonderful IRL. GIT 'EM!
DONCHA FERGIT: ModCloth LURVES Le 'Binge so much that they gave us our very own promo code: 10% off with BINGE10.
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