Monday, January 05, 2009

Binge Beauty Buy: Ways To Cash In Your Sephora Gift Cards: Givenchy Pop Gloss!

($23, Givenchy, Sephora)
Of the 15 bajillion glosses in my bag, the one I dig around for the most -- and receive by far the most questions and compliments on -- is Givenchy's Pop Gloss (#444). It's a shiny, sparkly, glittery, festive (the fireworks-y packaging! so fun!), clump-free magenta, and it smells like pureed raspberries. It's like a berry party for your lips and you're totally invited. Actually, you're hosting the damn thing. It's perfect for what I like to refer to as "mullet makeup" -- toned-down, it's-oh-so-quiet eyes, big, crazy wow-pow-holy-cow lips. You know, party in the back, business in the front.

Another great Givenchy gloss is Crazy Beige #406:
($23.50, Givenchy,
This one looks and tastes like honey and goes on smooth and, fortunately, does not attract bees.

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