Thursday, January 08, 2009

CRAZY-Good Deals At MAC Online!

Get 25% off EVERYTHING (except Viva Glam, because that goes to CHARITY, holmes) at MAC online, okay? Promo code: MACFF9, expires at 11:59PM EST tonight.

I HIGHLY recommend MAC's Mineralize Eyeshadow Trios in Word-of-Mouth (left) and Threesome (right). They're $17.50 each, but they're biggies, and they go a long way. The blue/grey shade in Word-of-Mouth (which I contend should NOT be hyphenated, BTW), is nice and subtle, and the copper stripe is bold and luscious. I've pulled off a nice sub-smokey eye with it.

Speaking of smokey eyes, check out the chocolate smokey eye tutorial from! You could easily pull off something similar with the MAC shadows above (though I'd suggest going easy on the iciness near the brow -- a bit too '90s -- and using the pinky shade in Word-of-Mouth instead).

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