Monday, January 12, 2009

This Sacai Cardigan Is $649. What Am I Missing? Besides $649.99?

I love a guy in a striped cardi. I think they're an Everydude staple as they look great across the board. But did I miss something here? Not convert the currency correctly? How the filfflarnfilf is this Sacai men's striped cardigan $649? DOLLARS! The PRPS cashmere cardigans I've been ogling are half that. This looks like the type of cardigan you could get from Topshop for like 1/16th the price. (Oh look! You basically can!)

($649, Sacai, Colette)
No, this isn't cashmere, and no, it doesn't even come with a car or a pony or anything.

Better deals:
($13.99, Target)
See? Sensible!

($24.99, Converse,
$24.99! For a sweater! It MAKES SENSE!

($34.99, DKNY, Amazon)
Also not wack!

($70, RVCA,
Order -- it has been restored in the universe.
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