Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Two Brand-New Isabella Oliver 365 Jersey Maxi Dresses

British brand Isabella Oliver -- known for their upscale maternity pieces -- just unveiled their 365 Collection of everyday women's clothes. My two favorite pieces are the jersey tank maxi dresses. Observe:

($290, Isabella Oliver 365)
I love the black-and-white stripes of alternating sizes, and I'm not crazy over ties worn as a scarf, but I AM crazy for it worn obi-style like in the shot above. AND it's got pockets for extra comf factor/ spare change! It's pricey, but I could see myself living in a dress like this over the summer. Plus, think of all of the fun shoe and accessory options!

($270, Isabella Oliver 365)
Similar to the dress above, but asymmetrical and slightly ruched on the side.

And, bridal sorts, while I have you here, check out Isabella Oliver Parisienne dresses that'd make perfectly lovely bridesmaid dresses:
($325, Isabella Oliver 365)
These satin-and-chiffon dresses with separate wrap belts are not inexpensive, but absolutely wear-after-the-wedding-able, and not in that "no-seriously-I-SOOOOO-will" way that people say but rarely mean.

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