Monday, March 02, 2009

Built By Wendy Sample Sale: Almost!

I've been on a strict no-buying restriction due to the w-word (see previous post), but I *almost* couldn't resist taking part in Built by Wendy's online sample sale. The prices are a bit Crazy Eddie insane, so I narrowly avoided indulging in this:

Chambray sleeveless top, $10 (orginal price: $135). Cute!

And this:

Scalloped cotton flower top, $10 (also originally $135). As my blogging partner might say: FTW! (I just recently learned what this means.)

In the end, though, once the $9 shipping charge was added, I didn't feel like making the purchase anymore. $29 more to spend on...postage? Sushi? Laundry? A new lipstick? Whatever. And then once I decided again to just say fuck it, it's only $29, the site was all wacked out. Boo! Hiss!

I easily resisted the following, since $50 is significantly more than $10, I can never figure out what to wear under cropped things, and I still haven't gotten down and dirty with my Sew You book:

Chevron cropped sweater, $50 (originally $162).

Note: The site is completely, frustratingly wonky right now. Get it together (GTG), BBW!
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