Saturday, March 14, 2009

On Trend: What Comes Around Goes Around Copa Maxi Dress

I'm still slightly on the fence about maxi dresses for my own body type: I'm short, errr... chesty, and super curvy, and I'm not certain I really wanna deal with wearing a strapless bra under something that isn't super formal. A night in the painful, annoying infrastructure of a strapless is an investment. I don't know if I wanna cash in those chips on a cotton maxi dress that looks like beachwear, you know? BUT, in theory and for those who don't have strapless issues and can just throw on a maxi dress, the What Comes Around Goes Around Copa maxi in ecru comes highly recommended.

($240, What Comes Ar0und Goes Around)
I love the metallic threading -- definitely elongating for us shorties. Also, if some of you are like "Hm. But what do I wear with a maxi dress?" Well, I really love the idea of wearing a maxi dress with a little denim jacket, a fun patent clutch -- grey, in this case -- and some easy, breezy leather thongs. Possibly with little tiny silver studs. And yes, $240 is kinda a lot for a maxi, but check What Comes Around Goes Around, because they do put their stuff on sale pretty frequently. Oh yeah, I could kinda justify spending that if I were wearing this to a casual outdoor summer wedding. (As a guest, that is.) Do it!
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