Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ariel Gordon: Not-Boring Wedding Rings For Not A Fortune

($1,240, Ariel Gordon)
Check out L.A. jewelry designer Ariel Gordon's wonderfully modern geometrical 14-karat gold "Hex" ring with diamond points. I'd definitely wear this as a wedding ring (except I'm going to try to uphold the Jewish tradition of wearing a solid, unbroken band with no ornamentation or stones.) Of course, I'd wear it ANYWAY as a REGULAR ring if someone would like to purchase it for me, say, as a gift for being an awesome blogger. The Hex ring also comes in 10-karat gold for $880.

I love how modern and clean it is but also quietly chic AND kind of looks like a nut. Not like a squirrel nut but like whatever people who use tools use for things.

Also, Ariel won Shopstyle's emerging designer competition, so if you enter "SHOPSTYLE" on Ariel Gordon's site, you can get 25% off your purchase!... Of the Hex ring... for me!

... Plus, check out Spike pendant:
($315, Ariel Gordon)
Which would look positively smart AND menancing with... EVERYTHING (on me!)
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