Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hayden-Harnett Sale: Hey, It's Only $30 Edition

Going on day two of a sample sale is never a good idea. Unlike the huge basement o' bags that was their last sample sale, the showroom was, well, "well-stocked" would be not be the word. There were a few bags, a few $50 wallets, a couple of $60 leather vests, but it was clear that the early birds did some damage yesterday. I heard one worker saying they might have more stuff tomorrow, "depending on what they dig out of the warehouse." O, to know the location of said warehouse! Didn't sound promising, though. I did okay, although I was really going for small accessories and came up short on that front (lots of bronze and patent—yucky). Here's what I did walk away with:

I looooove this Laurel leather trim party dress, which is no longer available but which I coveted from behind my computer screen when it was retailing for about $400. I picked it up for a cool $30 despite it being too big around the waist. I think I'll take this opportunity to audition that Chinatown tailor I've heard good things about.

I also grabbed this maillot, only in black (sadly). It was only $20, and I figured, hey, black is chic, why not? Maybe I'll pretend to be chicly vacationing on the French Riviera this summer while I am eating Twizzlers by the pool in my dad's New Jersey condo development.


Darling said...

I'm wishing so hard I lived close enough to NYC to do that sample sale...boourns! Cute stuff, crazy prices lady.

Anonymous said...

Girl I AM vacationing in the French Riviera this summer and can't find a cute swimsuit for the occasion - how sad is that?! I want something with a vintage swimdress feel to match my curvy sassy nature but can't seem to find anything to match that criteria in my area. Really sad,I assure you.
Cute dress! And for 30 smackers! You can't beat that.
Love your blog,

Anonymous said...

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