Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Jenny Packham Trunk Show At Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier

Brides and bridal types who love reading about bridal stuff -- I think/ hope I'm gonna get my dress this weekend! Weeeee! I have an appointment at Mark Ingram Bridal Atelier (they're having a Jenny Packham trunk show May 14 - 16). I went to Mark Ingram earlier this year for a sample sale and had SUCH a pleasant, non-pushy, non-bridal-factory experience, and one of the seriously non-pushy saleswomen (I know -- I couldn't believe it either) brought me a Jenny Packham sample dress. Unexpectedly, I feel in love with it, basically said Yes to that dress ;p and on Saturday, I'm going back to try it on and a few more Jenny Packham dresses (I figured I might as well since I'm not in any hurry) and... um, yeah. I guess I'm maybe gonna get a dress! A Jenny Packham dress. Woah.

I'm not posting a photo of the exact dress here because SOMEONE's being all superstitious, but here's a sampling of some of Jenny Packham's old-Hollywood style.

Oh, and I'll of course let you, the interested bridal sorts, know how my Mark Ingram experience went -- I've only heard great things about their customer service, and my few experiences so far have been great (the sample sale, promptness returning phone calls, oh yeah, and when I first tried on the Jenny Packham dress at that sample sale, I guess I really must've been that excited, because I accidentally left my cell phone and a necklace there, and they were very good about getting them back to me), so I'll let you know how it went.

By the way, the first photo is the Jenny Packham Rosalind dress I love dearly but it's around $5,000. Not happening. The bottom photo is from Jenny Packham's Spring 2009 runway collection. The two right above that are from Jenny Packham's Spring 2010 bridal collection.


jbandmeintern said...

I feel like every girl loves looking at wedding dresses...I def. am not looking to get married anytime soon but I can't help but flipping through bridal magazines at B&N just to imagine what i'd wear if i were getting married. anyway good luck with the dresses! how exciting :)

Neira said...

so elegant..i love the last one, there is something about a creme or light pink color for a wedding dress that is so much better than a boring white one.


theblogsmaid said...

I LOVE the one second from the bottom - I love when people do a funky modern take on lace, usually such a traditional material. This is a perfect example of how it can just as easily add an artsy, edgy spin to a classic dress!

Anonymous said...

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