Friday, May 01, 2009


I fucking love that now people just SEND me peacock updates. I suppose I should set a Google alert, but it's like y'all are just doing it for me, and Googs alerts are so cold and impersonal, and you guys send me stuff with love.

Anyway, thanks to FashionBinge reader Britt for alerting me to the fact that a PEACOCK design won the International Fantasy Hair Competition! Model Amaris Brown endured hours of painful hair-did-ing to look like a beautimous peacock. The hair design was created by the OBVIOUSLY brills Kevin Carter of The Artistry of Hair from Farmington Hills, Michigan. LOVES!

Meanwhile, the talented Jami Attenberg sent me this absurd yet inspiring image of peacock makeup on ShinyRedBalloon. For srs. She suggested I create peacock eyes for my wedding. Or, let's not and say I did? Or, just look at the fun but REEEEdick pic.

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