Thursday, June 25, 2009

Crystal Jewelry I MUST Own...

A few sparkly, spangly little crystal "treasures," as Makeup Loves Me LOVES to refer to jewelry...

($573, Lanvin,
Not in a MILLION minutes would I have ever thought I'd be sitting here attracted to jewelry featuring DENIM. But Lanvin done did it with this slightly '90s bracelet.

($475, Swarovski)
CAN. YOU. EVEN? C.Y.E. It's like wearing a crystal kaleidoscope on your NECK! And I NEED TO DO THAT.

($154, Martine Wester)
ADORING this gorgeous vintage-inspired mismatched crystal rosette bracelet, and I'm seriously considering getting it to wear with my Jenny Packham wedding dress, as long as it complements the jewels on the dress itself and doesn't snag the silk. Check out more of Martine Wester's pretty crystal pieces.

($262, Iosselliani,
At first everyone was like OHHH WOOOH OMFG STACKABLE RINGS! IT'S THE SECOND MF-ING COMING OF HAYSOOS CHRISTO. And I was like Snoreaphyll. Truly, I didn't give a rat's ass about stackable rings. UNTIL... I came across these Iosselliani vintage-inspired stackable rings. And now I'm as TEAM STACKABLE RING as YOU are Team Edward! Rawr!
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